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How to Become Top Dog

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Caption this Photo

New still from one of our upcoming videos.

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Batman & Superman Diving Competition

Batman and Superman have always competed against each other. So I guess it’s only natural that their sons would compete too. Wait! What?? Sons? When did they get sons? Why do these kids wear exact copies of their Dad’s costumes?

Leave a comment below if you can explain this cover!

Batman Gives Robin the Kiss of Death

Batman and Robin are the dynamic duo, best friends, and partners. It’s only natural that Batman would be worried about his little chum in a life threatening situation. Although, sometimes you have to wonder, right?

A Building is Going to Fall on Me! Let’s Talk About It!

They say that before you die your whole life flashes in front of you. That could very well be true, but I doubt that you have enough seconds to a have detailed conversation describing your oncoming death like below.

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Hansi the Hitler Girl

Sometimes all you have to do is look at something, and know that it’s wrong. How did this get published?

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Superman Helps to Ruin the Economy

Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way. So if the American economy is tanking, then Superman must oblige and make it worse. Be careful about making Superman mad, or else he may just put you in one of these slums just like his pal, Jimmy. “That’s what you get for being a wise guy,” he’ll say as he laughs and flies away.


Can you guess why Jimmy has to live in a slum? Is it because he is a ginger? Comment below!

Soccer Dropkick to the Face

Soccer can be a rough sport. When a bunch of people run around a field chasing a small sphere like a bunch of crazy mad men, things can get out of hand or physical. This is the kick that would make Captain Kirk proud.


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Bikini Jeans: The Fashion Trend of 2012

Throughout the years, clothing trends have improved and destroyed societies at the same time. Well, I think we may have come to the end. Socrates always said, “If trousers also become underwear, it’s time to close up shop.” We agree.


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Ghetto Toy

It has been said that kids learn by example. Whether it’s from seeing Superman punch a guy or a stranger treating someone badly, kids will imitate. This Funny Image of Day is exactly what we don’t want kids to imitate.



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