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Happy Veterans Day!

Box Office Booze 61: Best Remakes Ever

I start to talk about Robocop. And once we do that we can never stop. Why don’t you check it out? 


In this episode, we decide the best movie remakes ever.  Jason is joined by Jerry Ahern (@JeremiahAhern) where they decide whether movies should be remade, and also sometimes when the remake is better than the original film! Also, there’s some Robocop reboot news, and the hosts decide they best hum Robocop’s theme song. Finally, Jackie Brown is reviewed in this week’s Retro Movie Review. It’s a Rat Pack meets The Blob kind of episode where every once and awhile someone yells, “Murphy!” All this and more on Box Office Booze! Be sure to watch 1986’s Hoosiers, so you can listen as we discuss it next week in our Retro Movie Review.

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Box Office Booze 60: Best Action Movie Ever

It’s the 60th episode of the podcast! So that means, time for a change in format and a new Classic Movie Review Every Week! Give a listen!


In this episode, we talk about what we think is the best action movie ever. Jason is joined by Gene Shaw (@TheSkiritae) to talk about just how they like all the explosions and guns in their movies. Also, the tragic death of Tony Scott is discussed. It’s cybernetic robots from the future meets a frenchman who is actually spanish, and Denzel Washington. All this and more on Box Office Booze! Be sure to watch Jackie Brown, so you can listen as we discuss next week in our Classic Movie Review.

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Articulated Comic Book Art?

Awhile back in our Shit Comic Book Nerds Say Comments video we had a contest where we said that if somebody could name all the comic books we used in our Shit Comic Book Nerds Say video, they could pick the subject of one of our videos.

Well, Tystarr theArtist identified all the comic books, and wanted us to make a video about Articulated Comic Book Art. Here is that video.

Thor & Captain America Beg For Money

The Avengers have made over 1.2 billion in the box office. Making Disney very happy about their decision of purchasing Marvel. But do any of the actual Avengers see any of that money? We think not.

We think they have to beg in the street to make ends meet.

Filmed in Los Angeles.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Recap Song

It’s almost time for season two of the Emmy award-winning show, Game of Thrones. So to help viewers catch up, we have condensed all of season one into song form. Enjoy, but beware of spoilers!!

If you don’t want to be spoiled you can enjoy our spoiler-free version of the song.

Hit Us Baby One More Time

Remember the days when Britney Spears actually wrote really great songs?

Now, we know what you’re saying. What good songs?

Well, we agree. That’s why it’s a good thing when a Britney Spears song can be turned into an epic, rocking song by our friend, Scott Allen Knost.

If you wanna see Scott rock out Britney live go to