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The Real Smallville – Stark, Kansas

People have often asked about my hometown. Well, here it is! A personal tour of my hometown, Stark, Kansas. It has a population of less than 75! Watch as I risk life and limb walking through its busiest intersection.

The Walking Dead Christmas Special

Not even zombies can stop Christmas! Be merry or Be dead.

Directed and Written by Jason Inman
Assistant Director/Editor/Special Effects: Gene Shaw (
Sound/Boom Operator: David Asadourian (
Assistant Camera Operator/Production Assistant: Sean Hewiitt (
Casting/Makeup: Chrissy Lynn (
Armorer: Daniel Kim (
Special Thanks for equipment: Rhett & Link (

Rick/Narrator: Jason Inman
Daryl: Chris Chapman
Glenn: Daniel Kim
Hershel: Dave Pereyra
Maggie: Chrissy Lynn
Merle: Tom Haggard
Michonne: Carshenah Jefferson
The Governor: Chris Dorman
Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul/Carl: Nick Bishop
Jawiin Zombie: Jerry Ahern
Zombie with Gun: Scott Decker
Decapitated Zombie: Jo Shaw
Zombie in field: Sean Hewitt
Zombie with black jacket: Christina Cannon

Worst Superhero Ever

From Superman to Spider-man, every superhero has something that makes them unique, but Social Media Man has nothing but an Iphone. Could that make him the worst Superhero ever?

Click here – and vote so that Social Media Man, the worst superhero ever, can get his own action figure! Share the video as much as possible so Jawiin can get it’s first action figure.


Best Cosplay of Comikaze 2012

Are you ready to see the weirdest and best cosplay of Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2012? Think you can handle the best Wolverine cosplay ever, bub?

Stay tuned for more Comikaze videos!

The Girls of Comikaze 2012

It’s time for another video where I interview dashing and fetching ladies dressed as superheroines. This video is raw, sexy, and super! And there’s a Smurf in it!

Best TV Pilot Episode – Saturday Morning Show 1

Ever since we made Shit Comic Book Nerds Say, people have been saying that I needed my own talk show. As I know no current and residing TV executives, I decided to do the next best thing, make a vlog type show on the internet.

So here is the pilot episode of The Saturday Morning Show, my thoughts coming to you in a fast and goofy type way. And don’t worry I plan on there being plenty of impressions in the show. So come back every Saturday for a new episode and enjoy!

Batman Can’t Understand Bane – Dark Knight Rises Spoof

He beat the Ras Al Ghul. He beat the Joker, and he defeated Two Face. Now, in the first of many Dark Knight Rises Spoofs, Batman will face his greatest enemy with Catwoman at his side, Bane. Now, if Batman could only understand what he was saying.

Thor & Captain America Beg For Money

The Avengers have made over 1.2 billion in the box office. Making Disney very happy about their decision of purchasing Marvel. But do any of the actual Avengers see any of that money? We think not.

We think they have to beg in the street to make ends meet.

Filmed in Los Angeles.

The Origin of The Avengers

Now that you’ve seen the blockbuster hit called The Avengers. It’s time to dig deep into the world of comic books and learn the true story.

Hear the real origin of the Avengers as told in one take from memory. Represented by bad special effects, bad costumes, and plenty of lip dubbing. Enjoy!

Free Comic Book Day is Awesome!

How many comics can you get at your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day?

Also find out who we think will win between the X-Men and the Avengers.