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The Real Smallville – Stark, Kansas

People have often asked about my hometown. Well, here it is! A personal tour of my hometown, Stark, Kansas. It has a population of less than 75! Watch as I risk life and limb walking through its busiest intersection.

Best TV Pilot Episode – Saturday Morning Show 1

Ever since we made Shit Comic Book Nerds Say, people have been saying that I needed my own talk show. As I know no current and residing TV executives, I decided to do the next best thing, make a vlog type show on the internet.

So here is the pilot episode of The Saturday Morning Show, my thoughts coming to you in a fast and goofy type way. And don’t worry I plan on there being plenty of impressions in the show. So come back every Saturday for a new episode and enjoy!

Articulated Comic Book Art?

Awhile back in our Shit Comic Book Nerds Say Comments video we had a contest where we said that if somebody could name all the comic books we used in our Shit Comic Book Nerds Say video, they could pick the subject of one of our videos.

Well, Tystarr theArtist identified all the comic books, and wanted us to make a video about Articulated Comic Book Art. Here is that video.